02 June 2011

Thank you!


 I received my 1st blogging award yesterday from my sister-in-law! She began blogging a few months before me and after seeing how she and our other SIL blogged as a sort of journaling it sounded like a good idea.

There are rules for me to follow in posting this so I'm going to jump right into it:

1) Tell who gave it to you. My sister-in-law, one of my closest friends and supports in motherhood. She and I grew up together. I love that our little girls will grow up together and I love that she and I are mommys together. It makes the tough times easier when you have someone who thinks the same way you do and is always encouraging- this is what she is for me. Check out her blog here!

2) Link back to their blog.

3) Pass it on to five more bloggers. 
4) Name someone who has really affected you in some way. Well I always seem to mention my husband, so this time I'll choose my mom. She is my other rock and support. I trust my girls with her completely and know they're always in good hands when with her. On top of this, she one of my best friends and we often do things like "gym dates", and when time allows coffee and movie dates. She's fun to simply hang out with too- we both love to talk so the conversation is always flowing. (I think my husband and dad like it because all they have to do is listen...or maybe not...we might not notice if they're ignoring us, but I don't think they do ;) )

If you've been awarded today, here's how to add it to your profile:
Click on the picture and save it to your computer.
Upload it onto your blog anywhere you'd like. 
Some people have separate pages for awards; others display them using a gadget on the side.
Next, spread it to 5 other people!
Let them know you've given it to them. :)

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  1. Thanks for tagging me! I don't usually repost awards, but I do feel happy that you thought of me. :D