16 August 2011

Creekside Meandor

Before my husband left for a week-long trip we wanted to spend some fun quality time with the girls. We, however, did not want to stay at home but also didn't want to spend money. It was such a beautiful sunny day so we decided to take a walk to the park to go wading in the creek. It was so much fun! The girls hopped (carefully) right in to the little creek and babbling brook and off we went "exploring". We followed little minnows, crawfish, tadpoles and other schools of fish. We also climbed and hopped rocks, although this was a bit tricky since they were slippery. It was such a relaxing afternoon. We all got pretty dirty as we all slipped several times into muddy puddles but it was so worth it. The smiles on their faces and shrieks of joy coming from them as they splashed and ran after the schools of fish was priceless.
This is how most of our summer has been spent- outside doing free family activites. We have enjoyed every single minute of our free-time together this summer! I hope you have taken advantage of the summer outside if weather has allowed for it!

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