03 December 2011

We'll Show You!

This morning my sister and I stood armed and ready with the three girls, off to conquer price comparing and Christmas shopping. They were dressed, they were fed, their hair was actually done and now we were standing in front of the doors, two children in the stroller and one holding her aunt's hand. We first promised Ruby Red a smoothie, sort of as a "peace offering", bribing her to be good while in here, and so off we went. I could just see the panicked looks of the other customers at the cafe as we entered. I thought to myself, You'll see. I'll make you WANT to have kids after you see how adept I am at juggling them. We'll show you how awesome this really is!

I was putting Baby Blue in the baby carrier on my back and swaying the stroller so Sapphire Sweetie would stay in her drousy, but blissful state. Ruby Red was up at the counter waiting for her pink smoothie. She came back with a cookie sample and without being asked split it in half and shared with her sister. I praised her and thought, See?! And you people were so worried about me and my children being a disruption!

Thought not even complete.....

Ruby Red, with her light-hearted three-year-old enthusiasm, starts jumping in an excited shivery wiggle, trips over the stroller and her whole smoothie goes flyyyyyyying. It lands at my feet, getting mine and my sister's pants dirty, causing a big slippery mess and I can't even run and hide because the smoothie-covered stroller wheels would certainly give us away. SS starts screaming- she's hungry, of course! BB is flopped out of my carrier as I hadn't had time to properly clip her in.  RR is so upset about her smoothie and crying because "No, I wasn't going to buy another one." 

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And we wouldn't change a thing...except for maybe that 14%!

We finally got everything cleaned up with some juggling, shifting, nursing, shush-ing, rushing and mopping. I finally looked up and saw several staring at me in horror. At this point all I was doing was laughing. I mean, what else was I supposed to do- cry?! Thinking to myself about those stares, You people are obviously way too dull to ever embark on such a journey, you over there with your darn non-fat, frothy latte, reading your paper like you have all the time in the world.
And so off we went, much to their relief, ready to finish what we had set out to accomplish.

Oh yes, and thank you to the trains and legos in the store for them to play with while mommy actually shopped!


  1. I don't know what I liked better---the "thought not even complete..." in perfect, Brian Regan style, or the "flyyyyyyyying" smoothie! Oh, God bless you, dear Amanda! You're right, anyone who doesn't smile at this is waaaay too dull!

  2. I have many of those "we'll show you" moments...and they often turn out the opposite way too! :) Loved reading this!