02 February 2012

Nine month novena for the election

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012:  Election Day.

I sat with an aching heart and sick stomach as the new mandates for Obamacare came out last week.  I prayed a rosary crying, wondering what our future would be like for us and our children and often have to remind myself to simply say "Jesus, I trust in You".  I am confident that He's "got our back", but can't help but question, "At what cost?  What suffering will we have to endure?"  I pray He gives each and every American foresight and wisdom when voting in both the primaries and general election and I pray we always have courage to stand up and fight for our faith, knowing what magnificence lies ahead for those who are faithful.

I'm not here to make a political speech or convince you of the right candidate.  My family and will be fasting and praying this novena the 1st Tuesday of every month, leading up to and ending on November 6th.  We ask you to join us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!!

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