21 October 2010


I never thought I would become a blogger. My husband mocks blogs and often refers to one of those "inspirational" posters he saw that said something to the effect of "Blogging: People having a lot to say about nothing".  I don't remember the exact quote but you get the gist. In a sense that is what I am doing. This isn't intended with a particular theme in mind or to be a persuasion for religion, politics or a certain lifestyle. Honestly, I've started this because I have found myself out somewhere and thought "I have to remember to write this down when I get home".  But do I ever do that?  Of course not! I'm too darn busy and when I do remember, it's on a scrap piece of paper that inevitably gets lost or thrown out. This blog serves as an outlet where I can get both the important and even the meaningless things out- a sort of journal, if you will. I don't intend to become one of those obnoxious bloggers who has an opinion about everything and has to let everyone know I know something about everything. If I wanted to do that I would be pasting this on everything. The only way one would come upon this is maybe seeing the link on facebook or, more probably, happening upon it. If this bores you, you can pass it up. If you want to journey through lifes ups and downs and the frustrating and hysterical moments with me, then come along! 

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  1. My thoughts exactly! :) The only other reason I blog is because no one in my family has (or will get) Facebook so it's the easiest way for me to keep them updated from time to time.
    I often think, "I need to write that down!" but so often, I'm not able to at the right moment, and then it escapes me completely... I hope to find more time to do that at some point. :)