21 October 2010

A holy marriage

Every Catholic has heard of St Therese of Lisieux and many have a great devotion to her because of her simple life and "little way". I too have a devotion to her and took her name as mine for Confirmation. However, I have recently began to be inspired by her mother; in fact, by her parents. What a holy life. It wasn't an easy one, yet they raised five saintly women. FIVE. I cannot even imagine. They must have had such calm dispositions. (sigh) Will I ever be there?!
As Catholics we each have a special calling. As a married couple we are to help our spouses get to Heaven. This holy family is such an example for each one of us. There were many saints and there are many striving to live holy lives today that don't have their family's support. Although I have been blessed with knowing nothing of what it would be like since I have both supportive and Catholic parents and in-laws, I can say turn to these two holy people for help. As parents, we really all should pray for their intercession.
To learn more about their family life and trials, here is one link.  There are many more out there.
The Martin Family

I encourage you to read about this holy family and their "Little Flower".

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