01 April 2011

Baby Blue

Baby Blue is 1!

I've been wanting to write my birth stories for the girls for while and figured this was a good time since my Baby Blue just turned 1!

I can't even believe it! This year has gone by faster than any I remember. It was full of ups and downs, stress adjusting to 2 and lots of snuggles!

And so, here is the unpredictable story of Baby Blue's entrance:

My 1st labor being less than 1 1/2 hrs from start to finish I knew I was probably going to have another quick labor. After having false (but VERY real!) contractions for 10 days before Baby Blue was born, and going past the due date, I was frustrated and miserable. Why wouldn't I just go into full blown labor already?! St Patricks Day 2010 was spent with a very feverish and listless 20 month old Ruby Red. It was so sad. My little spitfire was down and out and I just knew that because she was so sick I would go into labor. I just knew it!
That night I stayed on the couch in the living room with Ruby Red until 1:30am, trying to bring her fever down. Finally we went to bed exhausted and she snuggled in between my husband and I.

I woke at 3:26am to some pretty bad cramping. At 3:30 the 1st real contraction hit and I thought: "Eh, this probably isn't it since I've felt like this for 10 days...but I better wake up my husband anyway."  And then they started coming. I could barely breathe and could in no way stand or walk, as my husband was begging me to get in the car so we were ready when my parents showed up.  My mom was going to stay with Ruby Red but my husband told her she should come to help me through the car ride, as he would be driving furiously to get to the hospital. I am so glad she came along! Right before my husband was about to get on the thruway I begged him to pull over- the baby was coming.  I lay on the back seat with a sheet under me (my husband prepared for this as this was our joke the whole pregnancy. Who knew it'd actually happen!) I remember looking pitifully at him saying, "I really don't want to have the baby in the car"  His reply: "Too late, the head is out!" I didn't even push once! He and my mom worked together to get the baby fully out, they laid baby on my chest and off we went again. Oh yeah....it was 4:07 am....a 37 minute labor! The door by my head wasn't fully shut, it was cold and I had no idea if it was a boy or a girl yet. (Needless to say, we WILL be finding out this time! I don't need any other surprises at the end....a surprise in the middle is a wonderful way to bond with baby until the end!) My mom finally checked and exclaimed, "It's a girl!" I couldn't believe it. This entire time I had been prepared for a boy as the pregnancy was sooo differenent from Ruby Red's!
When we got to the hospital I first insisted on nursing my new little bundle of love. She continued to "room in" with my husband and I, sleeping on my chest the entire time and nursing often, both much to the dismay of the hospital nurses. As a funny story I must tell of the ridiculous nurse of which I mention...  She was obnoxious. She was in her mid-20's, opinionated and wore the most horrid animal print scrub top- I will never forget it, unfortunately. She woke me EVERY 2 HRS in the middle of the night to see when Baby Blue had nursed last and scolded me for her sleeping on my chest. "You know, we can give her a pacifier and take her to the nursery so you can get some rest" and "She really shouldn't be eating so often", she said. I looked at her, and in my dazed and motherly stupor replied, "There's nothing wrong with her sleeping on me. I would be getting plenty of rest if you would stop coming in here. She nurses and goes back to sleep and hasn't made a peep. I don't think she's to blame for the lack of sleep!" I really cannot believe I said it, and that my husband slept through the whole thing, but I can say she rolled her eyes and never came back. HA!
(I do have to say the rest of the staff was awesome so please, I am not trying to insult nurses....just one in particular!)

I am so grateful for my amazing husband who talked me through the very stressful and painful "beginning" of labor. He is just incredible! He and my mom were awesome working together and I am so blessed! Many women have to worry about a fight for hierarchy between mom and husband, but they knew to communicate. It wasn't about them. It was about this sweet little baby. Many have suggested how horrible it must have been to give birth in a car. I always thought it would be! Now mind you, I will be having a homebirth this time as I really don't want to repeat a car birth, but they somehow made it peaceful and my birth experience: loving, silly to look back at and full of very warm memories.

 Our little Baby Blue is the calmest, sweetest and most mellow little girl and just melts all our hearts. So hear's to you Baby Blue....may you have many more joyous and blessed years surrounded by those who love you.  ....And please, no more frantic surprises!

Mommy and Baby Blue....minutes old 

Daddy and Baby Blue.... 2 days old

Proud Big Sister!

The Little Princess!




  1. Love, love, love this! I remember snuggling with Ruby Red that morning as she fought through that fever. What a trooper she was! Just like her Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Blue!

  2. I remember that too! We are so blessed to have family nearby. I don't know what I would've done without any of you!