08 April 2011

I'm sorry, but I just have to vent

It seems to me that some people have way too much time on their hands. I mean, if you're worrying about someone else and picking on them, then really you need to get a life.
I was recently criticized for copying another blog's ideas and phrases such as "Happy Reading". First of all, I never knew anyone had a copyright on that phrase and second of all, do you really think I remember what people say and think, "Oh my goodness, I'm in 2nd grade again so let's copy everything they do". Get real people. I have two kids, am pregnant, watch 2 other girls during the week and have a husband who travels. I truly do not have time for such ridiculousness.
Another point I would like to make is that the blog to which this person thinks I have been copying does have some similar things. But, I was working on some projects with Ruby Red for weeks beforehand so how was I supposed to know we'd post similar things within days of each other? Yeah, I'm not a mind-reader and obviously not a copy-cat if my very involved project was complete when I posted it!
I really wish that if someone had a problem they would confront me face to face, instead of anonymous, cowardly and completely immature putting insults out there for everyone to see, instead of talking to me privately. Grow up people!
I do have another blog, mainly because I didn't want this one so random and mumble-jumbled with different interests. I will keep it that way. There is nothing wrong with that and I never intentionally meant to upset anyone.
But really, the anonymously rude and cowardly comments could be done away with. If the blogger had a problem, she could have come to me privately and asked me my intentions. I obviously have nothing to hide since I went right to her to tell her of the situation (she may have already known, who knows!) because I wasn't guilty of anything.

For the future, if anyone has a problem with anyone, confrontation is uncomfortable but it's a lot better handling it in an adult fashion. Let's be respectful of each other. If you're going to criticize someone, make sure you're not being an idiotic fool in the process.


  1. OMG you copycat! I write about healthy food, and then look at your blog about grass-fed cows. Totally reporting you to the blog authorities!


    Now I'm so curious! What happened??

  2. It's a long story... I will tell you over the weekend :/

  3. Are you serious?!?! That's insane!!!!

  4. And I didn't know you had another blog! It looks great!!! You are so talented! As the older kids spend more time doing "real school," our crafting has gone by the wayside a lot more. I really need to do more of it with Ryan... all of them, really... I need to find a cheap source for crafting materials now. I used to find them at garage sales around Ft Meade but out here - nothing. :(

  5. You go girl! Stand up for yourself!