05 April 2011

Vinegar: My only household cleaner

How to Use Vinegar to Clean Your HomethumbnailThere is much talk of toxins in cleaning products these days. Before I was a mom, and as long as I stayed away from aerosol cans, I figured it wasn't a big deal since the plastics could usually be recycled and I wasn't going to be drinking these chemicals or really breathing them in. Being a mom, though, has changed my thoughts. Why? Well, my kids will drink them if, while tampering with a screw-on cap, are able to get it off. No, I don't just leave cleaning supplies all over, but you know it's happened when you're trying to clean up puke, poop on the floor from dog or child, or the phone rings or for whatever other reason you get called away, then you become side-tracked and forget all about cleaning. This happens enough in our home but it's safe to say that my kids aren't in any danger. You see, I searched for safe, cheap and effective alternatives and came up with white, distilled vinegar. Not only does it make your house smell clean but it also disinfects and kills bacteria, can scrub away soap scum and help get out tea and coffee stains! I've also discovered that with a little more "elbow grease", it can even take crayon off of walls and linoleum floors! And, it's very inexpensive!
I fill up a spray bottle with 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water and spray away. I even use it on countertops where I've just been handling raw chicken and other meats. It's also great as a cleaner for your kitchen floors.
No wonder it's also good to drink this stuff by itself as it gives your body a little detox. If you can handle the burn as it's going down, it's definitely has health benefits.
I just love this stuff, can you tell?!
And...you know how those darn onions just make your eyes tear up? Spray some of your vinegar/water mixture onto your cutting board before cutting your onion and VIOLA! No more tears!

I have also found it useful in washing those amonia-smelling cloth diapers that tend to sit in the pail until I just have to wash them. Click here for my "cloth diaper washing regime".

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