27 April 2011

Humbled yet proud

Last week I spoke quite a bit about how I wanted to make our Holy Week holy. I had projects lined up. Not overwhelming and complicated projects but simple, Passion-centered little things every day. I wanted to pray the Stations of the Cross daily and on Good Friday start (and for once actually complete) the Divine Mercy novena. Oh yeah, and I wanted the tv to be kept off. I thought maybe I was expecting too much and wasn't sure how it was all going to go. I talked to Ruby Red about the week and my plans and the little stinker has held me accountable on every single one! We actually did all that I set out to do and my husband told me it was the holiest week he's ever had. I was glowing when he told me this, as if he had just told me I looked thin or my hair was perfect.

I was brought to tears several times that week as Ruby Red would tell us it was her turn to pray at one of the Stations, repeating my husband line by line and becoming so engrossed in the way of the Cross. When we started the chaplet for the novena on friday she quickly caught on to the prayers. With both, when either my husband or I was tired and hoping to kind of glaze right over our prayer commitments, she would remind us that we hadn't prayed yet. And how could I tell her we weren't going to? Her innocence and eagerness was humbling for me and I was beaming seeing her openly display her love for Our Lord.

I share this because our little ones want to learn. They want to be close to Jesus. If we teach our faith to them and bring it into our home, instead of just leaving it for the next Sunday, they will, even at a young age, learn that He comes first and they will hold you to the standards you want in your home. I hope you all had a truly holy Easter and continue to do so as we continue to celebrate His Resurrection!


  1. I would post pictures, but my camera died and I can't find the spare battery or charger :/

  2. Ruby Red is pretty amazing...she's growing up so well. :)

  3. She's a beautiful little girl and learning so much! :) We actually had a much better Holy Week than I had anticipated... I felt so bad that we couldn't go to any Holy Week services because I hardly made it off the couch at all, but the kids were SO excited to watch Holy Thursday Mass from the National Basilica, Good Friday services from the Vatican, etc. Even little Ryan would call everyone together... "GUYS!!!! CHURRRRRRCH IS ON!!!" We discussed so many things and it was really a beautiful time for all of us. We were able to pray the Rosary, Chaplet, and Stations, and Ryan listened carefully and tried to follow along. I had felt bad that the only project I had for them to do was paint their own pictures of Jesus on the Cross, or that the only Easter prep (food-wise) we could do was color eggs, at 8pm Holy Saturday night... but honestly, I don't think they felt like they were missing out on anything. Those hours of prayer and discussion were precious and I know they are always going to remember them. Praise God!

  4. It is so consoling and edifying for me to see your efforts to make your little domestic church a truly holy place. God love you!