26 April 2011

"Spring Cleaning"

I would like to let you know that my blog will be getting a bit of a "spring cleaning" as I am refocusing it back to my family and my girls. When I began blogging it was simply to journal and keep track of adorable memories. Since finding out that I had an opportunity to make money with my blog I changed it to make it more informational. I have been disappointed in it as it isn't at all why I started blogging and the tone of it has, indeed, changed. I haven't pursued making money with my blog because I don't want to be told what to write about even if it is harmless. This may make my blog less interesting to some and I'm ok with that.

After a long and honest talk with my husband about how I felt, he and I have decided to start a private blog that we will both write in, mostly life-lessons, information and research articles we will write about vaccines, birth, pregnancy, parenting and life in general that we would like to share with our girls when they're older and hopefully learn from. They can take from it what they want. Our hope is that they know we will support them if their decisions differ from ours, as long as they stay centered on their faith, which we pray for daily. We want to be very candid and open with them about struggles we have had, ranging from long-distance dating, wedding planning, many aspects of parenting and staying focused on Christ in a world that often shuns Him. We are are doing this privately so as to be very open and not offend anyone. However, if anyone would like to know our take on something, we are willing to copy and paste a post for others. I will be creating a page on here of articles we have written on our private blog that we are open to sharing upon request, but they will be emailed to you only! I will also post links to others' blogs if it is a topic we fully believe for our family but neither of us has written about. I will back these articles 100% or I will not post a link to them. I am doing this because I have a few friends who have asked for our advice and am willing to give it if someone asks, but after praying about it, I don't feel I am supposed to be putting advice out there unless it's asked for.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading about our lovely girls. They truly are a joy and a blessing!

For activities, mostly holiday-related, feel free to visit Picasso Was Once A Toddler Too, my other blog. I will most likely be updating it around holidays or sacraments. I want to focus on being with my girls and not getting all caught up in showing off everything we do, what an "amazing mom" I am (j/k, I try!), and feeling the need to prove to people that I am educated, independent and smart even if "just" a SAHM. I have confidence in myself and my mothering and only what my girls think and remember about their childhood matters to me.
Please don't take this the wrong way. I love reading blogs and I give moms a lot of credit who can be so educational while remaining centered on their children. Again, I hope you continue to enjoy our simple stories!


  1. Sad! I liked your blog too.

  2. Me too. If I can't find what I'm looking for to post for references, I may sneak a few posts in but we'll see...